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I have been mentoring and working together with a highly interdisciplinary research team including electrical engineers, electrochemists, material scientists, and clinicians, devoted to developing bioelectronic devices for fundamental and applied biomedical studies. Our research thrusts include fundamental materials (organic semiconducting polymers & hydrogels) and their electrochemistry innovations as well as novel soft devices and system-level applications toward personalized healthcare and precision medicine. This includes various wearable/point-of-care/implantable organic biosensors (such as smart bandages) that perform real-time health monitoring, disease screening, pre- and post- clinical assessments, and soft organic drug delivery devices for precise therapeutics, especially for delivering ionic drugs for treating cancers. 

I have been lucky to mentoring and working together with great individuals listed below:

13. Martin C Hartel, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA, 2019.04- 2020.06. 
    Project: Electrochemistry of organic conducting polymers
12. Xiaochen Wang, MSc candidate, Zhejiang University of Technology, Visiting student at UCLA, 2019.02- 2019.07
    Project: Hydrogel-gated OECTs for pressure sensing
11. Hao Liu, Ph.D. candidate, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Visiting student at UCLA, 2019.02- 2020.01
    Project: Bioinspired organic conducting polymer pressure sensors
10. Zhikang Li, Postdoc, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Visiting scholar at UCLA, 2019.01-
    Project: Hydrogel capacitors
09. Haonan Ling, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA, 2018.10-
    Project: Microfabricated organic electrodes arrays for cell imaging
08. Yihang, Chen, MSc candidate, UCLA, 2018.10- 2020. 04
    Project: Hydrogel microfluidics
07. Zitong Wang, Undergraduate, Tsinghua University, Visiting student at UCLA, 2018.07-2018.09.
    Project: Conductive polymer hydrogel

06. Cole Benyshek, Undergraduate, UCLA, USA, 2018.04-
    Project: Hydrogel microfluidics
05. Jiahua Ni, Postdoc, UCLA, 2018.04-2018.12
    Project: Microneedle-based minimally-invasive organic biosensors
04. Elizabeth Hubis, Master, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, at Ecole Polytechnique,  2015-05 – 2015-12
    Project: Stretchable OECTs
03. Camille Girard, Undergraduate, Ecole Polytechnique, University of Montreal, 2015-05 – 2015-08
    Project: Flexible microscale OECTs
02. Ziyang Liu, Master, Jilin University, 2011-09 – 2012-07
    Project: Carrier injection in organic field-effect transistors
01. Xuehui Wang, Master, Jilin University, 2010-09 – 2012-07
    Project: Color-stable white organic light-emitting diodes


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