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Welcome to the wearable, intelligent and soft electronics (WISE) research group led by Prof. Shiming Zhang, in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at The University of Hong Kong! We are proud of our young, vibrant, and interdisciplinary research team devoted to developing life-improve technologies for human health and medicine, with our know-how.

Digital health is the next big thing.

The soaring population aging, the pandemic, and the shortage of medical instrumentations in the 21st century have imposed an urgent demand for advanced bioelectronic devices to achieve the goal of decentralized and personalized healthcare. Emerging bioelectronic devices include, but not limited to, point-of-care devices, medical wearables, minimally invasive biosensors, implantable brain electrodes, closed-loop smart medical sensing-therapeutic systems, and bio-inspired information processing or artificial intelligence (AI)-based approaches. To strengthen HKU’s leadership and maintain HKU’s global competitiveness on bioelectronics in the next decade, WISE was established in Nov 2020. The mission of WISE is to address: 1) conducting cutting-edge fundamental research to develop soft bioelectronics address unmet and pressing biomedical challenges; 2) manufacturing advanced organic bioelectronic devices such as point-of-care medical devices, medical wearables, and implantables that are potentially transferable for clinical applications; 3) prototyping emerging organic bioelectronic devices with flexible electronics and AI technologies for teaching, education, and ultimately, commercialization.

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